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Bock’s Gets Your Wheels Rolling Again

Bock’s Service is a professional towing service provider specializing in light to heavy-duty recovery, as well as flatbed hauling services.

Based in Waseca, Minnesota, we offer a full range of 24-hour local and long distance recovery capabilities — cars, motorcycles, buses, semi-tractor trailers, and everything in between. After the recovery, we can also assist with a safe tow back to our repair shop or a facility of your choosing if necessary.

During our nearly 70 years in business, we have developed a reputation for timeliness, dependability, professionalism, and safety. At Bock’s Service we attribute all of these characteristics to our trained and detail-oriented tow truck drivers*. They take pride in their jobs, working diligently to maintain the integrity of their equipment as well as always being respectful of any situation that arises. While we hope to never have to meet you in an unfortunate situation, our yellow trucks will be there when the need arises.

Whether you are driving city streets, a crowded highway or rolling along a rural back road, Bock’s Service has experience with many scenarios, including all types of Minnesota weather conditions. More than six decades in the towing and recovery industry has provided us with the skills necessary to properly assess and effectively handle everything from rollover and single-car accidents, to multi-car collisions and snow-related vehicle recoveries.

Bock's Service yellow flat-bed hauling truck Bock's Service yellow flat-bed hauling truck loaded with a small sports car Bock's Service yellow light-duty tow truck Bock's Service yellow flat-bed hauling truck loaded with a portable winch machine attached to a Bobcat Bock's Service yellow flat-bed hauling truck with the bed tipped down Portable winch machine being used to pull farm equipment from a field Bock's Service tow truck towing a large RV Multiple heavy-duty tow trucks winching up a turned-over semi Bock's Service heavy-duty tow truck pulling a combine Bock's Service heavy-duty tow truck pulling a garbage truck Bock's Service heavy-duty tow truck pulling a milk truck Bock's Service called to a lake to recover a fish house that is falling through the ice
Bock's Service Light Duty Tow Truck

Light-Duty Towing and Recovery Services

Bock’s Service operates with a well-maintained fleet of light-duty wreckers ready to tow and recover light vehicles without causing damage. Our light-duty towing services are often called upon for routine tow calls, such as flat tires, engine stalls, lockouts, and battery issues. Contact Bock’s today for all your routine towing needs.

Bock's Service Light Duty Tow Truck

Medium and Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Services

We know not every towing job is easy as attach, winch and tow; fortunately for you, Bock’s Service has the heavy-duty expertise and large equipment required to successfully complete all your medium and heavy-duty recovery jobs. Our heavy-duty wreckers are available 24/7 to assist with situations that demand additional pulling power and amplified recovery systems. From serious accidents to on-the-road breakdowns, Bock’s Service has effectively recovered and towed semi-tractor trailers, oversized motor homes, buses, heavy construction equipment, and more.

Bock's Service Light Duty Tow Truck

Flatbed Hauling Services

Bock’s flatbed services go hand-in-hand with all of our recovery services.

When is flatbed hauling needed? It’s utilized when traditional towing isn’t possible. This often occurs in situations with low ground clearance, with motorcycles, or when vehicles are too badly damaged to safely tow.

Bock's Service Light Duty Tow Truck

Towing and Recovery Service Area

Bock's Service provides dependable towing and recovery services to a large area throughout southern Minnesota, including the communities of Eagle Lake, Ellendale, Elysian, Faribault, Hope, Janesville, Madison Lake, Mankato, Mapleton, Medford, Morristown, New Richland, North Mankato, Owatonna, Waseca, Waterville, etc.

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