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Bock’s Service: Waseca’s Tire Experts

When it comes to tires, we operate as a locally-owned independent Tire One Dealer. Because of this, we have access to an outstanding selection of tire brands, including Mastercraft, Kumho, Pirelli, Yokohama, and many more names you know and trust.

From helping you select new tires, to locating and solving an alignment issue, Bock's tire professionals can work with you to address your needs and get your vehicle back on the road safely.

Sales and Tire Mounting

As a Tire One Dealer, we have access to a variety of tire types, including everything from new and used tires to all-season and performance tires. Based upon your driving habits, budget and vehicle type, we can assist you in searching and ordering the right tires for your needs. Upon arrival of your new tires, we will provide expert mounting, accompanied with necessary balancing services.

Tire Rotation

You can slow uneven tread wear by having your tires rotated. This simply means moving the tires around so they "trade places" on your vehicle in a systematic way.

Rotation is important because each tire carries a different amount of weight, making them wear at different rates. By having them rotated, you basically even out those differences. Your owner's manual will tell you how often to rotate your tires, but as a rule of thumb, it should be done every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. You might want to have them rotated sooner, if you see signs of uneven wear.

There are various patterns for rotating tires. A common one for front-wheel drive vehicles involves moving the tires in a criss-cross fashion, where the left front tire trades places with the right rear, and right front trades with the left rear.

Computerized Wheel Alignments

It doesn’t take an obvious incident for your tires to be thrown out of alignment; a jolt from hitting a curb or driving over a deep pothole can easily send things awry. And poor alignment can lead to tire damage in a short length of time. Misalignments can cause uneven tire wear, rapid tread wear, pulling to one side, vehicle vibrations at certain speeds, steering wheel shaking, and other troubling issues.

At Bock’s Service, we provide comprehensive alignment services and also maintain a Hoffman® Computerized Wheel Alignment System. If you feel your vehicle is experiencing an alignment issue, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Replacement Auto Parts

Whether you hope to obtain new original manufacturer parts or want to save money by going with used parts from a local recycler, Bock’s Service can assist.

Because of our resourcefulness and industry-related connections, we have the ability to locate and obtain new and used auto parts from both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and trusted aftermarket providers. At Bock’s we are able to locate and install parts for foreign and domestic vehicles. All parts and accessories used in the repair of your vehicle — whether new or used, from fuel pumps to A/C compressors — include a warranty.

Have questions? Our knowledgeable auto part experts have the answers, call us today.

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