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Southern Minnesota Full-Service Auto Repair Shop
We’re not just your go-to recovery and towing company. Bock’s Service is your one-stop-shop for everything vehicle related… we are your gas station, auto repair shop, mechanic, and tire experts all rolled into one; and don’t forgot about our towing services. Operating with ASE Certified Technicians, industry standard tools, the latest alignment equipment, and 60-plus years of company experience provides great assurance that your vehicle will leave our shop better than when it arrived.

Still located in our original downtown Waseca location, Bock’s Service now features a fully operational automotive repair facility expanded to include 4 service bays. Contact us to schedule an appointment or simply stop in. Since 1952 we’ve been serving the needs of motorists throughout Waseca, Faribault, Owatonna and the surrounding communities. Our auto repair shop is capable of handling a wide range of automotive issues, from general maintenance to engine breakdowns.

A/C Repair
From air conditioner leak tests to recharges, we can get your vehicle’s A/C system functioning properly again in no-time. Our certified technicians provide dependable workmanship at competitive prices.

  • A/C Evacuation & Recharge Services
  • A/C Leak Testing
  • Sensor Correction / Replacement
  • Belts, Hoses & Connections
  • Parts Replacement

Brake Services & Repair
Failing or faulty brakes are not something that should be taken lightly or put-off until later. Effective brake time and quick stopping is a must with any vehicle you drive. At Bock’s Service we provide complete brake system services, including inspections, repairs, and replacement parts. If your notice any of the following symptoms it is time to have your vehicle’s brakes inspected by a professional – squeaking or grinding when the brakes are applied, spongy brake pedal, increased stopping time, and/or pulling or vibrations as the brakes are applied. Our comprehensive brake services include:

  • Brake Pad / Shoe Replacement
  • Caliper Repair / Replacement
  • Rotor / Drum Replacement
  • Brake System Diagnostics
  • Rotor / Drum Refinishing
Engine Diagnostics & Repair
When you find that your vehicle has a mind of its own – starting one day but not the next, displaying warning lights that randomly turn off and on, and making strange noises around this turn but not that one – it’s time to bring it to Bock’s Service. It is these intermittent issues that can cause increased frustrations for vehicle owners. Fortunately we utilize the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to effectively pinpoint the mechanical issue(s) that are occurring in your car’s or truck’s sophisticated engine.

As an auto repair shop we place great emphasis on preventative vehicle maintenance; because preventing issues not only makes things easier on you and your pocketbook, it also extends the life of your vehicle. At Bock’s Service we provide a wide range of preventative care tasks with our full tune-up services, including replacement and/or checks of the following:

  • Air Filter
  • Alternator
  • Battery Check
  • Belts & Pullies
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel System
  • Radiator
  • Spark Plugs
  • Starter
  • Top-off of fluids – Transmission, Brake, Coolant, Washer Fluid, etc.
Contact us to schedule a routine tune-up for your vehicle today… 507-835-5407.